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Seniors on the labour market | Chamber of Commerce and Industry of pécs-Baranya



Seniors on the labour market

Author: Pazaurek Szabina | October 26. 2017.

The Hungarian labour market will increasingly need workers and the government supports companies in hiring workers from above the age of 55.

Employers usually think that an aging employee carries more risks than a younger one, like getting sick more often or healing more slowly in the case of a workplace accident. However, on top of the well-known ongoing problem with labor shortages in Hungary, demographic developments urge a change in this mentality: while the number of births in 1990 was about 125,000, in 2017 this figure is expected to total only around 95,000.


According to figures released by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, a decentralized agency of the European Union, one third of active workers in Europe will belong to the 55-64 age group by the year 2030.


The Hungarian government supported the establishment of cooperative societies for pensioners country-wide and contribute to the promotion to the new modell. Until this day 4 regional society have been founded with branch offices in every county seat.