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Increasing labor shortages | Chamber of Commerce and Industry of pécs-Baranya



Increasing labor shortages

Author: Pazaurek Szabina | September 14. 2017.

The number of job vacancies in Hungary has reached a record high, according to figures released by the Central Statistical Office (KSH).

The total number of job vacancies in Hungary amounts to 65,700, KSH data show. According to figures last made public at the end of 2015, job vacancies in public administration stood at 14,510, but by now the figure is likely higher, given that labour shortages have also grown in this sector.


As for the private sector, vg.hu adds, the officially reported figure of nearly 50,000 is probably much lower than the real figure, which is estimated at as much as 100,000-200,000, say labour market experts.


The acutest situation is in the manufacturing industry, where 19,000 workers could be hired instantly. Figures published by Eurostat, the European Unionʼs statistical office, support the numbers recorded by the KSH, vg.hu notes. While one year earlier 7 out of 10 industrial companies considered labour shortages the main obstacle to growth, now 8 of 10 believe this, it adds.


Regarding other sectors, the immediate shortage in the construction industry is 3,000 workers (vs. 2,000 last year), but the hospitality industry is also struggling. Public administration, education, public health and social assistance are also in need of thousands of workers, says the report.