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Brokerage Event on innovative wood and bio-based materials

May 25. 2017.

The Enterprise Europe Network of Bayern Innovativ together with the Bavarian Cluster New Materials and the Bavarian Forestry and Wood cluster organises a Brokerage event on innovative wood and bio-based materials

International forum on women and trade

May 11. 2017.

The International Forum on Women and Trade will be hosted by the European Commission and the International Trade Centre (ITC) in Brussels

EU news for businesses – weekly digest 02/05/2017

May 03. 2017.

Events to look out for

Europe Day, 9 May - Europe. To celebrate Europe Day, the European Union institutions will open their doors to the public in Brussels (6 May), Luxembourg (13 May) and Strasbourg (14 May). National and local EU offices in Europe and all over the world will also organise a variety of activities and events for all ages. Find out what's happening in your country.

The Future of Tourism in Europe

April 03. 2017.

The tourism industry is of great socio-economic importance for the European Union, accounting for 10% of EU GDP and employing about 12 million people (Eurostat, 2015). According to the latest report by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNTWO), a market share of 40.3% of the global international tourist arrivals are directed to the EU-28, making Europe the most sought-after destination in the world.

Public Consultation on the special scheme for small enterprises under the VAT Directive

March 13. 2017.

The open public consultation will seek the views of business, the public and representative organisations.

Shortfall in Energy Efficiency support for SMEs

March 03. 2017.

A survey conducted among 10 EU Members States – e.g. Hungary – reveals that half of them still lack comprehensive financial support measures for energy audits and do not provide grants for the implementation of energy management systems (EMS), as required by the Energy Efficiency Directive. The study was conducted by EUROCHAMBRES to assess the availability of SME-support programmes for energy efficiency, two and a half years after the deadline for transposing the directive into national law. Moreover, the study shows that existing support schemes are often not SME-friendly, due to low co-funding rates and high minimum thresholds for investments.

Congress of Geomathematicians

February 22. 2017.

On behalf of Organizing Committee, it is our pleasure to invite you to the

20th Congress of Hungarian Geomathematicians and

9th Congress of Croatian and Hungarian Geomathematicians.


The conference is organized by the Hungarian Geological Society, co-organized by the Geomathematics and Informatics Section and the South Transdanubian Regional Branch of HGC, the Croatian Geological Society, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Geomathematical Subcommittee of Committee on Geology and Regional Committee in Pécs, the Cluster of Applied Earth Sciences and the Enterprise Europe Network Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya.

SOLVIT can solve your problem

May 22. 2017.

If your #business is based in an EU country, it should be able to sell or buy goods or provide services freely in other EU countries. If your EU rights are not respected, SOLVIT Effective Problem Solving in Europe can help!

Transylvanian Clusters B2Match Event

May 11. 2017.

The Transylvanian Clusters B2Match Event will take place on the 12th of June 2017, as a pre-event of the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference 2017

Business, partner search, internationality – the promising beginning of cooperations between Bosnian, Croatian and Hungarian companies

May 02. 2017.

The „International Partnership and its supporting institutions” event organised by the CCI of Pécs-Baranya, Hungarian-Croation Section and Enterprise Europe Network ended promising for all participants from Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia and Hungary.

Success story: Powering electric cars with a portable power source

March 28. 2017.

In 2011 French fund manager Jean-Baptiste Segard was working in Switzerland and thinking about buying an electric car. He loved the idea of clean mobility, but was discouraged by the fact that the vehicles couldn’t travel long distances.

Business Conference and B2B in Slovenia

March 08. 2017.

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and The Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are the co-organizers of „Together in Africa” Hungarian - Slovenian Business Conference

Find a funding opportunity

February 28. 2017.

About 80% of EU funding is granted through programmes managed in the EU countries themselves. Where the European Commission directly manages funding, it does so by awarding grants, launching tendering procedures, etc. This section provides more detailed information on how to apply for funding managed directly by the Commission.